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The Saga

Many years ago, the server owner (brian) was in middle school. However, this was no ordinary middle school. This middle school had Socratic discussions. On the occasion of one of these discussions, brian was arguing and discussing with his peers (two of whom we’ll call Brandon and Trey). Brandon and Trey never got along; they would argue over the most inane, unimportant, and irrelevant things. It seemed they never agreed on anything.

In this particular case, Brandon had made an assertion, with which Trey disagreed (obviously). Trey responded with a counter-assertion, and backed it up with an analogy, which went like this:

Suppose you went to the store and bought a tube of toothpaste. Also suppose that tube of toothpaste had a mint flavor, and further suppose that you did not like mint-flavored toothpaste. Then, you would most likely not buy a similar tube of toothpaste, because it, too, would be minty. That is, the mintiness of that type of toothpaste is permanent; no tube of that kind will ever be, say, lemony instead of minty.

Now, suppose that you went back to the store and bought a tube of toothpaste and further suppose that that tube was crusty. There exists a possibility that you might buy that brand of toothpaste again, because the next tube might not be crusty. That is, the crustiness of a tube of toothpaste is not an inherent, permanent state of that brand (we hope).

The name of this site comes from Trey’s interesting analogy. Unfortunately, Trey no longer remembers making this analogy, and brian is desperately trying to remember what the underlying analogue was, but has so far been unsuccessful.